Trendy Taco Chili

Spices and herbs are the difference between boring healthy and delicious healthy.  That being said at ThisFitFuel we make in house spice and herb blends for each entree side and this special is all new with a combination of our signature homemade taco seasoning and our signature homemade chili powder to make something especially awesome.  we used grassfed 90/10 beef and no oils whatsoever.  The finished product is nothing short of amazing.  I would personally  love to get all your feedback because thats what feeds us so please let us know on Facebook-ThisFitFuel, Instagram-ThisFitFuel or Snapchat-ThisFitFuel.  Can't wait to see you at ThisFitFuel.  Thank You all so much for watching!

Pricing for the Special:

Gigantors are $14.25

Bigs are $10.75

Littles are $7.75

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Bowls $4

Egg with Bacon Bowl
Egg with Turkey Sausage Bowl
Egg with Turkey Bowl

Entre Menu

Snack size $5.75 which is 2oz of protein and 2-2oz sides.

Littles start at $7.75 and 3oz of protein with 2 - 2.5-3.5oz sides.

Bigs start at $10.75 and 4oz of protein with 2 - 3.5-4.5oz sides.

Gigantors start at $14.25 and 6oz of protein with 2-4-6oz sides.


Breakfast Bowls and the Special are not discountable.

All Customized plans have a minimum $25 prep charge.

Family Plans $34 plus tax.

The family plan includes 3 pounds of food ; 1 pound of meat, 1 pound of one side and one pound of another side. We do not break up family plans.

Family plan upcharges:

Seafood     $8

Duck           $11

Beef             $5   (meatloafs are no upcharge)

Craving Cauliflower Rice, Savory Spiraled Zucchini, Bodacious Beetstrings, Spectacular Spaghetti Squash, Blazing Brown and Wild Rice, Quintessential  Quinoa                                      $2.50







  • Brilliant Balsamic Roast
  • Beauties Honey Garlic Beef Tips
  • Magnificent Meatloaf


  • Smoking Sriracha Honey Chicken-add $.75
  • Terrific Teriyaki Chicken
  • Champion Chicken
  • Heartwarming Honey Lemon Chicken
  • Plentiful Peppercorn Chicken
  • Tubular Turkey
  • Tantalising Turkey Meatloaf
  • Delicious Duck Fries


  • Saucy Mustard Glazed Salmon
  • Tantric Teriyaki Salmon
  • Kindhearted Key Lime Shrimp
  • Worthy Worcestershire Pangasius


  •  Savage Shredded Pork Loin

Extra ounce:

  • Chicken $.99
  • Beef        $1.45
  • Seafood $1.65
  • Duck      $1.85
  • Special   $1.85


  • Delectable Bacon Simmered Green Beans
  • Omega Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  • Blazing Wild and Brown Rice w/Egg
  • Succulent Cinnamon Sweet Potato Mash
  • Splendid Sweet Potato Fries
  • Entrancing Sautéed Onions and Bell Peppers
  • Steamy Dreamy Broccoli Pieces
  • Brave Baked Broccoli
  • Famous Zucchini Fries
  • Savory Spiraled Zucchini
  • Spectacular Spaghetti Squash
  • Quintessential Quinoa
  • Cocky Cauliflower Mash
  • Craving Cauliflower Rice
  • Amazing Steamed Carrots
  • Googly Garlic Roasted Carrots
  • Merry Mushrooms
  • Bodacious Beet Strings